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Back / Neck & Shoulder

Unique combination of three massages simultaneously, yoga stretches, reflexology and acupressure techniques to treat lumbar disc problems

Neck & Shoulder Therapy

Dry therapy for people with stiff neck & shoulder caused due to their endeavour to impress their boss or late nights to clinch multi-million dollar deal or for those laying around in wrong posture

Foot Reflexology

Every part of the body is connected to the soles of the feet by nerve pathways and subtle energy channels. By massaging the foot, these connections are stimulated bring soothing relief to the corresponding body part, whether the sinuses, back and neck, lungs, stomach, shoulder, hip or other areas of stiffness or pain.

Back Therapy

Give a break to the most stressed part of your body with rejuvenating back massage. Shorter version of Swedish massage, it helps to relive tension and promote deep relaxation in the tissues and muscles

Head Therapy

This ancient experience relaxes tones and eases muscle tension in the neck, head, scalp and shoulders, it also aids in the elimination of toxins by stimulating circulation, creating a positive energy flow through the chakras leaving you in a state of tranquillity and peace.

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